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Tall Blond Haired Aliens spotted by Police Officer in Wiltshire?

Crop Circle at Silbury Hill
Crop Circle at Silbury Hill, copyright: Steve Alexander

A Police Sergeant has come forward claiming to have seen three exceptionally tall beings inspecting a crop circle near Silbury Hill, Wiltshire.

The incident happened around 5am on the 7th July 2009 as the Sergeant was driving his private car towards Marlborough, along the A4 past the ancient monument.

The Sergeant stopped and watched them for a few minutes, while they appeared to be examining the crop. He then shouted at them from a distance, but they appeared to ignore him.

He then entered the field and they suddenly became aware of him and started to run at an amazing speed to the south, away from the formation and Silbury Hill.

He said that he then glanced away for just a few seconds, and when he looked back, they had completely vanished! He also said he was aware of a static crackling sound in and around him in the field, which seemed to change level and possibly effect the movement of the plants.

He also claimed to experience a headache in the field, which became worse as the day progressed.

Source and more info, plus a follow-up case can be found on Colin Andrews website.
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In the late 80s I started investigating UFOs and crop circles and joined the CCCS (Centre for Crop Circle Studies) and a local group researching strange sightings and reports along the south coast of Dorset (UK). In the early ’90s I started my own research group called SPS (Strange Phenomena Studies), this was renamed in 2004 to Cryptoworld.

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  1. Okay, there is absolutely nothing in this that says anything other than that this officer saw the three people who made the crop circle, they ran and hid in the field by ducking below whatever the crop grown there is.

  2. @Henry, you are probably right – but it’s interesting to note that there have been several similar sighting in and around Silbury Hill and the Avebury area (Wiltshire).

  3. Similar sightings also related to crop circles?
    Or similar sightings just of these “beings?”
    Please understand that I am of completely open mind and to quote “I want to believe” but am always going to play Devil’s Advocate for the sake of that belief and the lack of observation and obvious hoaxes that only make the work of finding proof more difficult.

  4. Thank you David. A very interesting article and it poses some interesting questions.
    One problem I have always had with crop circles though is that they have been demonstrated often to have been created by people, and I find it difficult to believe that a race capable of traversing the vast distances between solar systems by whatever means would do so, and arrive here only to leave cryptic even indecipherable images in remote corn fields.

    I certainly hope we could do better, should we master interstellar flight or communications, than to fly around another planet obviously populated by an intelligent species only to paint graffiti in some alley and then run away.

  5. In the late 1980s ( I think 1988) I was on the highway traveling back to Denver when I saw an unaturally tall thin young woman with supershort white hair running across a field ,then across the highway in front of our car as well as others without ever stopping or pausing at an extremely unatural high speed,then leap the fencing across the highway like a gazelle and continue through that field without ever stopping until out of sight. She appeared to be running from something by her expression

  6. lol You know… If there really are ETs doing this stuff, I bet it’s pranksters. People should stop assuming that other people from outter space would be anything but other people the way another person is on Earth. They’re not gods, they’re just people.
    Further, I see nothing alien about this. It could have been gifted human beings using their gifts to do crop circle hoax art the way others do it with tools. I mean, if that image is it, that is beautiful.
    For frick’s sake people, almost everything they allegedly do is unethical, stupid, and inaccurate. Get over it and stop expecting them to be superior to humans. If you want gods, then look to the gods, not other planets’ versions of ourselves.

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