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Very Weird Unknown life form found in Sewers!

Good old YouTube, this is a rather weird video of a remote controlled sewer-cam, used to search for blockages and to inspect the overall condition of sewer.

Sewer Monster!

Unfortunately there is no reference to size or scale, but I’m guessing the pipes aren’t that big – possible too small to walk or even crawl through?

So what is it? Most YouTube comments are suggesting it’s a form of bryozoan, a tiny colonial animal that generally builds a stony skeletons of calcium carbonate similar to coral.

But whatever these things are they don’t appear to have a hard structure! That’s when I discovered that some species of bryozoan can lack any calcification and instead have a mucilaginous or viscous like structure (source: Wikipedia).

Others have suggested it could be aestivating land snails waking up (seems unlikely as it’s generally wet in the servers) or even a type of fresh water jellyfish?

Anybody out there have an answer? Or suggestion?

UPDATE: The mystery has been solved.

Check out the new post “Sewer Creature is REAL – but not what you’d expect!” for more information.


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  1. It looks like a ball of red worms, the kind that you can buy at most aquarium shops for as tropical fish food.

  2. I don’t know if this helps for size comparison or not, but (at least in Los Angeles) sewer mains are usually 8″ or 12″ diameter.

  3. Obviously an alien life form, sent here to observe our world prior to invasion and colonization. OR, a formerly benign mold or slime, oviously mutated from all the toxic waste we’re dumping into the environment. Either way, one day it’s going to burst out of the sewers, go on a rampage of death and destruction, be totally unstoppable by either the police or military, and all hope will seem to be gone for the human race. And then we’ll discover that it can only be killed by intense UV radiation (It DOES live in the dark sewer, you know.),and we’ll put up a bunch of satellites to shine UV on it and it’ll die, and we’ll all learn a lesson about toxic waste or, if it’s an alien, about life on our planet, but we’ll all be alive and live happily ever after.,

  4. its possible that it is a type of muscle that has evolved not needing a shell. as it has no natural predators. the nail that pokes out of the top of the 3rd one could be a type of snorkel for getting air when the water level is higher.

  5. I have no suggestions on the animal, but as to scale/size, the video stipulates 6″ CP, or 6 inch concrete pipe. This is confirmed by the seams, or joints, at the animal’s location. In other words, from bottom to top, inside of the pipe, is 6 inches.

  6. I have no idea what it is, but it seems to be sensitive to either light or energy radiation, for it seems to cringe when the cam moves to it, then relaxes as the cam stops moving, and it cringes again when the cam moves again.

  7. Andi said, “I have no idea what it is, but it seems to be sensitive to either light or energy radiation, for it seems to cringe when the cam moves to it, then relaxes as the cam stops moving, and it cringes again when the cam moves again.”

    Proof positive it can be destroyed by intense UV radiation! If we strike now we can avoid the horrible, end-of-the-world scenario I mentioned earlier!

  8. Agree with Eugene, seems to be a ball of worms bu not ‘red worms’ which are fly larvae, looks more like some kind of nematode – round worms.

  9. texafornia obviously knows the truth. How many must suffer, and eventually die, before we realize WE ARE NOT ALONE?!

    (Actually, I think it’s the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s larval stage. They’re not dangerous at that stage, and a lot easier to kill.)

  10. Its fake you fools!!!! GOD DAMN some people will just buy in to anything these days!! I blame the TV and the rapidly deteriorating gene pool! although I think mgcantrell has a pretty good hypothesis.

  11. Ok…I looked up the “thing” which kikim01454 identified as a…a…whatever it was, and it seems it’s some kind of colony. This makes matters even worse, for if it is indeed a colony of whatever-the-heck-those-things-are-that-kikim01454-said then it’s just proof that our planet is being invaded by alien life forms. We need to begin NOW assembling the UV satellites BEFORE the colonies attack. (Yes, colonies. Who knows how many more of those “things” are out there?) Or, as I said at first, it’s some mutant slime/mold about to exact revenge for the havock we’re wreaking on the environment, and so we must build the UV satellites to destroy them NOW.

  12. well, the youtube link is removed so all I have to look at is the nasty first-screen capture.

  13. I still have no idea what it might be, but it definitely has striated muscle and the third animal extends and retracts a thin appendage in several different directions, at different moments during the video. It’s been a while since biology class, but I don’t remember amoeba having muscle tissue, such as seen here. The pranksters commenting have missed the most obvious likeness… a wild hemorrhoid. :~(

  14. Hi all, thanks for all your comments and suggestions – the current YouTube video has been removed, but I have a local copy so will re-add it to YouTube shortly.

  15. Mr. Sceptic… I’ve always heard that ‘there are none so blind, as those that will not see’. I might add that: in my experience, those that fear the unknown, deny it.

  16. Bloodworms?
    You mean, they’re not an alien life form?
    They’re not even a mutated terrestrial life form, either?
    They’re just bloodworms?
    Well, there goes my idea of selling underground shelter space to the survivors.

  17. Private to MrSceptic-
    I would have given you an heavily discounted rate, tho. YOU’re the only one who believed.

  18. David sad:
    UPDATE: I’ve fixed the video problem, but have also solved the question as to what this thing is! Check out the new post “Sewer Creature is REAL – but not what you’d expect!” for more information.

    Ok that cannot be trouth because those worms look different and the life form on that movie moves like single life form not like a bunch of worms

  19. Its a mass of nematodes (worms). Likely C. elegans. They are probably bundled there because it keeps them from getting washed down the drain. There are nifty “hand holds” where the cp joins.

  20. It’s some kind of alien gross jellyfish? Or an alein ballbag? With hot and cold spell’s? The sewer is like a petrie dish it probably devilopted from the swell? Primordial soup? F-n weird!

  21. Those things are not blood worms, everyone take a second then third look. Thats not enything ive ever seen in eny book pertaining to life on earth. I showed to a profeser at oklahoma university and he even agrees….nothing hes ever seen befor,but hes looking into it. Ill let you know the outcome…sooner fan out..

  22. Iv seen a similar video on youtube and somebody said they were tubiflex worms. Hope this helps.

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