Multicoloured Triangular Shaped UFO filmed over China

Strange multicoloured UFO filmed over Changsha, the capital city of Hunan Province in China. The object looks triangular in shape, but could perhaps be just a reflection?

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There has been numerous sightings of UFOs over Changsha. Earlier this year in April, a UFO was seen above the city twice in two days, and the event received extensive media coverage within China. Since then there have been at least half a dozen UFO sightings by residents of the city. This most recent footage (above) appears to have been filmed out of someone’s living room window.

Source and more info: All News Web.


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  1. They ruined other’s believeabilty by NOT going outside. Or were they just terrified or looking for something to show other people and scare them with?

  2. This video looks a little less impressive as the others. I want to say it’s a hoax but can’t really tell.

  3. Henry Paterson
    Henry Paterson

    For what possible reason would a UFO put on such a display?

  4. i think the lights are natural. but the music is alien

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