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Strange Light, possibly UFO filmed over Argentina

An interesting video of a light filmed over Argentina. It could be a UFO, well I guess it is an unidentified object, but as usual there doesn’t appear to be any way of determining size or distance. The witness implies they have more footage of a second light (possible just the first again) and a helicopter with a search light.

Sorry, video no longer available

Caption (rough translation):
On August 9, 2009 at 19:03:00, five witnesses (myself included), observed an object completely silent at low altitude, moving from north to south. [It] virtually stops for a moment, then accelerates and disappears [for] 20 seconds, [then another light] appeared or the same object again from north to south.

This object meets the same characteristics as the first, but then changed his tone [possibly colour?] and disappears.
After 5 minutes, a helicopter with a spotlight that illuminates the area that was not discarded or aware of the objects [sounds like the helicopter was unaware of the lights?].

Brackets are my words. Hopefully they will release the second footage soon which I believe also shows the second light and the helicopter.


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  1. Wow, a light, filmed at night through atmospheric distortion amplified by pointlessly using zoom and a camera person with a very unsteady hand.

    Someone went to a lot of effort to add titles and sound track to this that frankly only takes more away from its credibility as being anything more than a plane, or normal celestial object.

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