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More O’Hare UFO videos, and who is OhareUFOwitness?

The recent O’Hare UFO video (see O’Hare UFO video surfaces – is it real?) stirred up a lot of fuss.

Now the unknown witness who goes by the YouTube name of OhareUFOwitness has released two more videos – I ask the question, “are they real?”.

This new video (we’ll call it the second) is by another (unknown) witness who never came forward because he does not want to be the subject of ridicule, and he does not want to be involved with the media, UFO researchers and UFO fanatics!

He has a point, UFO researcher can be an odd bunch – but I can’t help thinking this seems a slightly poor excuse, but I more puzzled why the colour and quality of this video look remarkably like the first!?

The third video, which is really just a 48 second manipulation of an alleged photo taken from inside the cockpit of an airplane, also looks a bit like the first in terms of colour and quality.

Unfortunately it also looks more like a classic photoshop fake, which kind of starts me thinking the other two videos could be just a hoax!

Call me a cynic, but I’m getting a gut feeling that there is something slightly odd about all this.

Also: Who is OHareUFOwitnes? The unknown speaks to Roger Marsh in an interview for the Examiner – read the full interview here: O’Hare UFO video shooter speaks out.


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