Mars500 simulated mission reaches Red Planet!

The crew of the Mars500 simulated mission to the Red Planet have “gone into orbit” at their destination.

Three of the group will now “descend” to the planet, don real spacesuits and walk on the “surface” of Mars.

The crew comprise three Russians, two EU citizens and a Chinese national, and for the last eight months, have worked together inside the closed facility which has no windows and a total interior volume of about 550 cubic metres (19,423 cubic feet).

Mars500 Virtual Tour of Facility

Mars500 Virtual Tour of Facility

VIrtual Tour of the facility
The Mars500 virtual tour allows you to explore inside the simulation chambers as well as the surface of Mars. Warning, it can take a while to load, but is definitely interesting, especially the wooden panel interiors!

Visit the Mars500 official website for more information.
You can also follow them on Twitter @mars500project


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