Did a UFO crash? Or was it just the weather?

[inspic=45,right,,thumb]South Africa’s News 24 web site was bombarded by 30,000+ visitors over the weekend after it published a story of an alleged UFO crash off the coast of Port Shepstone (see map).

Witnesses, including pupils and teachers at a school sports event, even fishermen were convinced they saw an Unidentified Flying Object crash into the just behind the breaker line.

Some witnesses even claim to have seen flames and smoke coming from the object. One reliable source (News 24 words not mine), who was on a nearby hill overlooking the sea, said the object trailed smoke behind it, and even after crashing, a column of smoke was visible for several minutes.

Local Police, the National Sea Rescue Institute and Margate air traffic control responded to the call that something had crashed into the sea, and fearing it was an aircraft that had crashed, a search and rescue effort was launched. But after a search covering more than 12 square nautical miles, nothing has so-far been found.

Craig Lambinon, spokesperson for the National Sea Rescue Institute said nothing had be found, even after an extensive search. Lambinon’s latest thoughts are that is could have been just the weather, as there are no reports of activity in the area that may be related to this incident and no aircraft have been reported missing or overdue.

“We will continue to monitor the situation, which remains a mystery,” said Lambinon, adding: “If there ever was something…”.

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It seems odd that so many people appear to claim they ‘actually’ saw something crash into the sea. I’m not sure what kind of weather they have off the coast of Port Shepstone, but could it really have been mistaken for a UFO? What’s you thought? Are there any UFO researcher in South Africa that would like to comment?


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