Cyclops Kitten – Real or Fake?

Cyclops Kitten, fake or real?

Cyclops Kitten, fake or real?

Holoprosencephaly” causes facial deformities, according to the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke – or is it a fake? What ever it is, this is a weird looking kitten indeed.Traci Allen says the kitten she named Cy, short for Cyclops, was born the night of Dec. 28 with the single eye and no nose.

Allen said she stayed up all night with the deformed kitten on her recliner, feeding Cy a liquid formula through a syringe. She says she cared for the kitten the next day as well, until it died that evening.

Allen had taken digital pictures that she provided to The Associated Press, but some bloggers have questioned the authenticity of the photo originally distributed on January 6th.

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