Rendlesham Forest Bear – who was Fooled?

As suspected, the alleged sightings of bears in Rendlesham Forest were just a promotional (April Fools) stunt by the Red Rose Chain theatre company, who were promoting their Theatre in the Forset version of Shakespeare's "The Winter's Tale".…Read more →

Five favourites from 2008

  We are already in February, so I thought it was about time I posted a few links to some the most popular stories/articles from 2008. Below is the Top…Read more →

A few Weird Stories from 2008

News10 has list of some of its weirdest stories from 2008, including: Woman, Dressed as Cow, Arrested for Chasing Children (classic) Middleton Ohio police say they received numerous calls about…Read more →

Glowing Pigs pass on Gene to Piglets

Scientist from a Chinese university have said 2 out of 11 piglets born from genetically altered cloned pigs have inherited the genes that make them glow fluorescent green under ultraviolet…Read more →