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France to disclose Extra Terrestrials – here on Earth!

Tin foil hats - perfect protection!
It's a bit late for that, they are already here!

Humm, I’m sure I read or heard this story a while ago, or did I dream it?

Apparently, France is going to announce to the world (by Friday) that we are not alone here on Earth! Yep, that’s right – France will admit to the world that Aliens from another planet are here, living amought us! Or more than likely, here, working with us in top secret military bases!

The words ‘Nous ne sommes pas seuls’ or ‘We are not alone’ will be somberly pronounced this week by a senior Government official of the nation that brought the world ‘Liberté, égalité, fraternité’. France is set to concede that it is aware of an alien presence on earth by no later than Friday.

Paris has chosen follow the lead of maverick UFO nation Brazil and resist US pressure to continue delaying disclosure until America feels it is ready for the event.

It is believed that a telephone hot-line has been set up in Paris to deal with queries from panicky citizens. A special division of France’s police department is also to be established: to handle UFO reports.

The French have gone to so much effort to protect their culture from encroaching ‘Anglo-Saxon’ influences and now they are preparing to protect their culture from what might be even more powerful extraterrestrial forces.

It is believed Holland and Germany are set to soon follow France’s lead.

Not sure how factual this story is, but if true (big if) – it would make an interesting break from the normal war on terror and collapsed economy rubbish!

Stay tuned I guess and roll on Friday!

Source: Paranormal Spy and Macedonia online.


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  1. Due to an unplanned booze up yesterday, I may well have missed the announcement.
    Well, was there one???

  2. I concur – no!

    Nothing appears to have been mentioned, although a little French may have been uttered by those who where hoping for such an announcement!

  3. France to announce that they have extra testicles here on earth . Hell I thought France had no Balls. That is why this country is run by a woman. When a French woman says no, It is known as the french resistance give her a bottle of wine and some of that serious meat you are packing and she will lay down her arms.

  4. Jose,

    Just because that’s what happened to your pute of a mother doesn’t necessarily mean all European women are like that.

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