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Cryptoworld’s Hot 10 from March 2009

Chinese UFO?
Chinese UFO?

1) O’Hare UFO video surfaces – is it real?
After two years, a video has surfaced and is claimed to be the actual UFO from O’Hare!
Watch the Video here >>>

2) Another UFO filmed by NASA?
More and more strange objects are being seen in the video footage of NASA missions.
Watch the NASA flashlight here >>>

3) UFO filmed Near Asteroid 2009-DD-45
Video of an unknown object purposely avoiding and Asteroid – could it be a UFO? Or a totally new generation of terrestrial aircraft?
Watch the Asteroid video here – also read the comments!!! >>>

4) Rare Octopuses Fossil Found
It’s hard enough to find fossils of hard things like dinosaur bones. Now scientists have found evidence of 95 million-year-old octopuses.
Read the full story here >>>

5) UFO seen and photographed by Chinese officials
A number of journalists, government officials and plane passengers reported and photographed a UFO in February 2009.
Read the whole story here >>>

6) Elongated Skulls discovered in Siberia
Archaeologists have found a set of elongated skulls buried in Siberia.
Read full story and watch the video here >>>

Pinky the rare albino dolphin
Pinky the rare albino dolphin

7) Pink Dolphin spotted in US lake
A rare Pink Bottlenose dolphin which was discovered in an inland lake in Louisiana, USA, has become such an attraction that conservationists have warned tourists to leave it alone.
Read whole story here >>>

8 ) Orange UFO filmed over Japan’s Osaka Airport
Not much info on this, but it is interesting footage, although the fading out part sounds a bit lantern-ish to me.
Watch the video here >>>

9) 4 new Thylacine sightings in 3 months!
Still bouncing around – this old Tasmanian Tiger story from 2006.
Read the whole story here >>>

10) More Isle of Purbeck Big Cat sighting
Cryptoworld’s current local project – several Big Cats have been seen in the Isle of Purbeck over the last few months.
Read full story >>>


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