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Elongated Skulls discovered in Siberia

Archaeologists have found a set of elongated skulls buried in Siberia.

Artificial cranial deformation or artificial deformation of the skull is any practice of intentionally deforming the skull of a human being. It is done by distorting the normal growth of a child’s skull by applying force.

Evidence of the first intentional human cranial deformation seem to predate written history and date back to 45,000 BC in Neanderthal skulls found in the Shanidar Caves in Iraq.

The earliest written record of cranial deformation dates to 400 BC in Hippocrates’ description of the Macrocephales people who were named for their practice of cranial modification.

Surprisingly mild forms cranial deformation are still practiced by various groups around the world!

Source: Weekly World News and Wikipedia

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  1. I have heard many people say that this does not prove aliens have visited this planet, that these skulls are not of alien nature at all and that it was just humans who wanted to “look” like aliens.

    Well if you visit a tribe who have never seen Ford Pickup, but they make their wagons “look” like Ford Pickups, wouldn’t you guess that they had “SEEN” Ford Pickups therebye proving Ford Pickups existed? just a thought.

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