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More Isle of Purbeck Big Cat sighting

Black Cat?
Do big cats live wild in the UK?

It appears more and more people have been seeing a large black cat in and around the Isle of Purbeck.

The general descriptions seems to suggest a panther sized cat.

“It was black about the size of a labrador dog. It had a long tail that cured up at the end, and moved like a cat, only it was bigger, much bigger.”

We have also heard that footprints have been see in the recent snow and possible even mud by a river. There is even one report of a scat sample.

We intend to investigate the recent sighting over the next few days – so stay tuned for more info.


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  1. Large cats and others have been know to be loose in England for years. It is beleive they were originally pets and have either gotten away or were released. THis has been known or intermittently released in the news for decades.

  2. I saw what I presume to be a Black Puma whilst camping at the Burnbake Campsite on the isle of Purbeck. It was only about twenty feet away from me when I came out of my tent around 5am and I watched it lope across the campsite. Awesome experience!

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