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Boomerang Shaped UFO Zigzags Over New Hampshire

Bright V-shape orb in the sky over New Hampshire with what looked like a helicopter following it.

Interesting article about a sighting of a classic boomerang/triangle shaped UFO over rural north New Hampshire. Kind of looks like some of the objects seen over Somerset (UK) in the 1990s.



Around 8 p.m. on Oct. 5. In the rural north end of Concord, New Hampshire, Ben Speigel was hanging around with a neighbourhood friend when something caught their attention in the distance above some trees.

We saw what looked like a bright orb in the sky and something that we thought was a helicopter seemed to be following it… We didn’t know what it was and I took a picture of it on my iPod. When I zoomed in, we could see that it was a V-shape. It was probably as bright as when you look at a plane that blinks, but this wasn’t blinking. There was a red light blinking on and off (some distance away from the object) and that’s what made us think it was a helicopter.”

It was zigzagging across the sky, not fast, but it kept going back and forth. It made a turn and went up and then down and then back and forth again. As it was circling around, it went up and circled again. The object just finally disappeared behind the trees (shown below) and we didn’t see it anymore. The whole sighting lasted about five minutes.

Source: Boomerang UFO Zigzags Over NH


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