Video: MorpHex Sphere Hexapod Robot

Norwegian engineer Kåre Halvorsen built MorpHex, his Robot Sphere in his spare time, with six retractable, expanding legs that let it dance when it’s not rolling.

Halvorsen is entering the robot in the BOCA Bearings 2012 Innovation Competition.

When asked about the project, Halvorsen said “MorpHex is mostly a work of art and goes in the category of hobby robotics. It’s a remotely operated robot. I believe it could be used in animatronics as a transforming robot as well. The main goal of this project was to make a hexapod robot that could transform into a sphere shape and back. In “sphere mode” the robot should be able to roll freely like a ball.”

You can find out more about MorpHex and vote for Kåre Halvorsen on the BOCA Bearings 2012 Innovation Competition website.

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