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Women Attacked by Giant Boar and gang of Pigs!

Giant pig the size of a bear and its gang of smaller pigs attack an old lady in a Devon wood!

The horror, the horror… a giant pig the size of a bear and its gang of smaller pigs have attacked a defenseless old lady in a Devon wood! You can’t make this stuff upthe 600lb boar and gang of smaller pigs are believed to have been roaming a wooded area for some time.

The angry 600lb boar attacked a 74-year-old woman

A 74-year-old woman in Devon had to be taken to hospital with serious injuries after a rampaging pig “as big as a bear” attacked her in woodlands near her home.

The giant 600lb boar is believed to have been roaming the area for some time, accompanied by a gang of smaller pigs, which spotted Mary Smith while she was out feeding a friend’s animals.

Ms Smith was alone, and got stuck in the mud when she saw the pigs coming. They barged their way through a fence and trampled her, “crushing” her knee and breaking her wrist.

She was able to reach her phone and called her husband and friend, who found her some time later clinging to the fence.

Source: Giant rampaging pig smashes through fence and breaks a pensioner’s leg and wrist in Devon woodlands


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