What the…! An elderly man has had his toes chewed off by his two pet king charles spaniels! Man is now in hospital and the dogs are in care… apparently, they were trying to help him get better!?

Two small dogs are being monitored under home quarantine after chewing their eldery owner’s toes off early Thursday, investigators said.

Police received an emergency call just before 5:30 a.m. from the man’s housemate and caretaker. The caller said he found the victim, 72-year-old Frank Rose, lying in bed amid blood-soaked sheets at their home in the 200 block of West California Street in Mission Hills. The caretaker then discovered that his roommate was missing three left toes and that one of the men’s two small dogs had blood on its snout, SDPD spokeswoman Andra Brown said.

“I pulled off the sheets and looked at his foot, and I dialed 911,” said caretaker George Chilson.

Read the whole story here: Small dogs chew off elderly man’s toes.

Source: Fox 5 Sandiego

Written by CW Staff

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