UFO seen over Tynemouth (UK)


Two photographs taking pictures of the sky over the sea near Tynemouth North Pier, England have captured what was first thought to be proof of the existence of the Manta Stealth Aircraft. But it is now thought to be just a X-47A/B Pegasus.

The Manta Stealth Aircraft, if it does exist, is thought to be a tactical reconnaissance stealth aircraft with the ability to hover silently. It is also alleged to have an outer coating that reacts to radar and changes its reflectiveness, radar absorbability, and colour.

The X-47A/B Pegasus on the other hand is far more real. An Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle designed by Northrop Grumman to demonstrate low-cost aerodynamic qualities suitable for autonomous launch and recovery flight operations from an aircraft carrier. The Naval version, the X-47B is said to be an effective and affordably surveillance, strike and suppression of enemy air defences aircraft.

What ever it was, one has to ask what was it doing off the coast of England, where was it going and where did it come from? Anybody got any suggestions?

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