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Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin has Died

[singlepic=299,180,,,right]Steve Irwin, the naturalist and television star famous for his dare-devil antics while handling dangerous animals like crocodiles, snakes and spiders, has died in a diving accident in north Queensland.

Irwin (44) was filming an underwater documentary at Batt Reef off Port Douglas, near to the Great Barrier Reef when he was struck by a stingray barb to the chest.

Paramedics and a medical helicopter rushed to the scene, but they where unable to say him.

He will be sadly missed by all.

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  1. very sad day, and i herd that some people said he deserved it? no one should deserve that he was just doing what he loves to do, and a very unfortanant thing happened to him, so if anyone thinks that he deserved that please jump off a brige prefibly with no water under it

  2. Saying he deserved such a demise is a disgrace. He was a true ambassador for environmental conservation.

    It has been said that his knowledge of marine wild life was not to the level of his knowledge of crocs, snakes and other terrestrial wildlife. I have read that it is thought that since Irwin was above the stingray and a camera man was below, the ray felt threatened and reacted with it’s natural instinct. This fits the theory of Irwin’s experience or lack there off, with marine wildlife. What ever the reasons, it is a very sad event and my thoughts are with his family, friends and the people of Australia.

  3. he everyone who are fans of steve irwin he was a legend to me and mainly his family plus everyone in Australia he made us famouse and made the exciting catch phrase CRICKEY! famouse all over the world!. he was the best guy ive ever met he was exactly like off T.V he was fun energetic and always excited to tlk about what he does and he’s family! i hope Bindi dosent think that its her fault for steve going out into the great barrier reef because it wasent! i luv everyone in steve’s family Terri, Bindi and bob its just very bad luck mwa luv u all steve inspirs me and i will persue my dreams further.

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