Nasa hunting the Chupacabra?

There is news that there has been some ‘armed’ searches in Chile and Argentina for a hominoid creature said to be responsible for a spate of animal killings and attacks on humans.

The alleged creature, more commonly know as the Chupacabra is believed to be responsible for more than 200 animal mutilations, including some rather bizarre cases where chickens have had all of their blood sucked out of their bodies!

The Miami UFO Center learned of the searches by farmers in Chile, and by police near the city of Rosario in Argentina. last week, but they had not heard if there has been any searches since.

In the case of the search by police in the city Rosario, the local judge is said to ordered the search after reports where filed by several of the local citizens who claimed to have either seen the creature, or alleged they where attached by it.

The sighting in Argentina seem to differ slightly from that in Chile. The creature has be describes as a kind of Argentinean Yeti as it is said to be around two meters tall, with long ears, shiny red eyes, powerful arms, and hands with long curved fingernails as sharp as blades.

In Chile there is a strange story where farmers have allegedly told by NASA personnel (this is obviously unconfirmed), that if they catch the creature dead or alive, then they would receive a million dollars as reward. Just what would NASA want with a Chupacabra?

More can be found on UFOinfo, where they have reprinted the whole Miami UFO Center story.

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