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UFO Monday 19th June 2006


UFO round-up for Monday 19th June 2006. A few interesting reports, and a classic Nasa/Air Force disagreement — what’s your thoughts?

UFO Spotted next to Pyramid
UFO Spotted next to Pyramid

Reflected light? Or was it a UFO over the Pyramids?
Mysterious lights and reflective object seen dancing around or hovering above the Pyramids at Giza, Egypt. UFO’s? Or just a trick of the light?

In March a series of pictures captured by pyramidcam.com, appeared to show a highly reflective object above the Pyramids at Giza. In early April, more lights were seen flying above and dancing in a zig-zag pattern.

Pyramidcam.com said the only explanationhave they had come up with, was that it was a reflection off of something below and near the camera, or off of something lying flat on a roof of one of the buildings below us.

Read more and see the pictures and movie: Unidentified Reflective Object

Light in sky was definitely a UFO, and had me scared
Allan Brown, resident of Southern Lake Tahoe, Callafornia watched a light in the sky that changed colour from red, orange and amber, moved from side to side and up and down, before disappearing, then reappear again over the lake early Wednesday morning.

Whatever it was – alien space craft from Planet XYZ on a doomsday colonization planning mission to Lake Tahoe or, perhaps, the waning light of a star protruding through a canopy of high clouds – something was clearly visible through the lens of Brown’s video camera, with which he taped the object dancing in the sky between 3:30 a.m. and 5 a.m.

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New photo of 1976 UFO over Clovis?
Thirty years after UFOs were reportedly sighted hovering over Clovis skies, another photograph of the event has surfaced.

UFO researcher Brian Vike said this week he has a photo — albeit fuzzy — of a tubular-shaped craft that danced above Clovis, New Mexico on Jan. 21, 1976.

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UFO seen over NASA station Wallops Island (1965)
With Nasa gearing up for the launch of Discovery in early July, I thought I’d pull this out of the archives — I would be interest to hear from anybody who has more info on Nasa/UFO sighting from the 60s, so drop us a line if you have something — Contact Cryptoworld.

In January 1965 it was reported that a huge disc flew over the Nasa station at Wallops Island , Virginia, before shooting straight up in to the sky and out of sight.

Satellite tracking chief Dempsey Bruton, calculated its speed at over 100 miles a minute. There were no shortage of reliable witnesses as there were also reports of UFOs that day by the Navy.

Yet, the Air Force, apparently reactig to a deluge of inquiries, labelled Burton and his other space admin observers as incompetent, apparently without the slightest investigation.

It was believed at the time and still is today, that the Air Force had issued their statement prematurely and without substance, and did much to discredit the Air Force’s approach to the subject.


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