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UFO filmed over Avebury Wiltshire

This is an old story from 2003, but seems to be making the rounds again and some people seem to think it is a new sighting from 2007.

The truth behind the story is a little bit bizarre, but it seems that an amateur cameraman caught the object in the English countryside. I say English countryside as the video and story was first aired on Seven News in Australia.

Make what you will of these pictures shot by an amateur cameraman in the English countryside. It’s definitely a UFO – an unidentified flying object – but whether it came from outer space is yet to be determined.
– Channel 7 News, 18 August 2003

A few days later, a local Wiltshire paper, the Swindon Evening Advertiser, released the following, which kind of knocked the whole thing on the head.

A Spooky sighting over stone circle
UFO spotters will be dismayed to learn that the object was not being flown by little green men, but by a pair of pranksters in a disguised microlight.

John Pearce (21) from Winterborne Monkton, also saw the UFO while he was drinking outside a local pub. He gave chase to the flying object in his truck and saw what turned out to be a microlight land in a local field, which was reported in the same Evening Advertiser article.

There were two men dismantling it and loading it into a white van! They seemed worried, as if they wanted to get it packed away before anyone saw them.

It’s not known who the two men where, but there are a number of local microlight airstrips near Avebury, so they could well have been a local. But I guess it could also have been somebody from outside of the area who flew the microlight to Wiltshire and then meet the friend with the van.

As usual there are more questions than answers! But if anybody has any information on this story, Cryptoworld would like to hear from you – you can contact us via our Contact Page. All information will be treated in strict confidence.


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