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New Book about the Thunderbird, Kongamato and Ropen

The CFZ have released a new book Big Bird! – Modern Sightings of Flying Monsters, telling the story of modern day sightings of monster birds such as the Thunderbird, Kongamato and Ropen.

30 years ago; in 1977 something incredible happened to the Rio Grande area of Texas. For several months it seemed as if it’s inhabitants were suddenly living in a horror novel or a 1950’s B-movie.

  • Something was killing livestock in a very weird way. Tearing its prey to shreds but leaving no footprints around the blood-spattered carcass.
  • Something attacked caravans at night and sent the town’s dogs wild with fear.
  • Something swooped over amazed witnesses. And finally the something attacked a human victim.

Amazingly, all the witnesses described the terror as a creature supposedly extinct for 65, 000000 years; a pterosaur!

Casting the shadow of it’s vast wings across the southern states this legend of the dessert is one of the most compelling yet poorly studied contemporary monsters
until now.

In his new book Big Bird! Modern Sightings of Flying Monsters, author, cryptozoologist, and adventurer Ken Gerhard goes on the trail of the Rio Grande pterosaur and many others. From the ancient Indian stories of the thunderbird, to sightings of flying reptiles as recently as 1990’s Ken traces the legendary beast right along the U.S/Mexican boarder then out into world in general. His astounding conclusion; that at least one form of flying reptile survived the mass extinctions at the end of the Cretaceous period and is still alive today! Keep watching the skies.

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CW Staff

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