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Strange UFO Lights spotted over Lake District, UK

Campers in the Lake District were treated to a spectacular light show from a string of glowing orbs which flew in formation across the night sky

Strange lights seen over camp site.

It is the latest in a series of sightings which has baffled onlookers and excited UFO spotters across the UK.

The lights were seen above Ullswater on Saturday night (12th June 2009) over the Park Foot campsite.

People rushed out of their tents to stand and watch in awe as the lights darted back and forth.

They weaved in and out of one another and appeared to fade and then light up again as they soared through a clear sky.

Camper Paul Haigh, 28, of Darlington, said: “Most people had turned in for the night but we were woken by a commotion.

“Someone had spotted something and dashed out to get a better look.

“Soon everyone was outside their tents and looking up into the sky, it was like a scene from Close Encounters.

Source: Telegraph (UK).


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