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Smoke Ring shaped UFO was sign from God!

Ho hum, I’m not a religious man, more spiritual these days, but a smoke ring or smoke ring shaped flying object has been dubbed a sign from God, by a family visiting a theme park!

Smith and her family were at Kings Dominion when they saw a black floating ring in the sky. “Is this the end of the world, what is going on?” Smith wondered.

Kings Dominion says the ring is smoke from a ride called Volcano. UFO investigator, Cameron Pack, agreed. Pack said he’d be convinced it was just smoke if it weren’t for pictures of a similar sighting at Fort Belvoir, taken sometime in the 1950s.

Smith says she’s positive it wasn’t smoke.

“Smoke usually looks smokey and cloudy. This ring of smoke was a perfect circle. It was lined up so tight like it was a cut in the middle of the sky,” said Smith. She also doesn’t think it was a UFO.

“It was like a sign, God gives you signs and I just felt like that was a sign and I’m not sure what that sign meant but it meant a great deal to my family because when we got home we all got in line and prayed together. We were freaking out,” Smith continued.

Source: WAVY TV 10.


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  1. i have no idea what this is, of course, but to me it looks much too defined and ‘clean’ to be from a ride.

    just my opinion

  2. Looking closely at this video you can see it’s not a perfect circle, there are smalls spots of distortion that are not symmetrical on any axis.

  3. Then this can be reproduced over and over again. At that distance it appears not to be moving at all. It also has a very defined edge. It must be smoke.

  4. What I don’t get is the people who say ‘it must be a real UFO because of the one seen over Fort Belvoir.’ That incident was very well photographed and documented, and occured a few minutes after, and just downwind of a bomb simulation involving burning gasoline. This one also occured shortly after and downwind of a simulated explosion made with burning gasoline. I’ve got an original copy of the Condon report, and this was a featured case, one of the ones that was easily and readily explainable.

  5. Its an automobile  windshield with a clear rear view mirror adhesive patch stuck to it.

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