Photo: Bownessie, Windermere Lake Monster!

A couple kayaking on Lake Windermere have photographed what they believe to be Bownessie (Bow-nessie), the legendary Windermere Lake Monster!

The image of 'Bownessie' taken on Lake Windermere

The image of \’Bownessie\’ taken on Lake Windermere

The mist was swirling eerily over the lake. In the half light of morning the visibility was patchy, and the air had an unusual chill. Nothing stirred. All around was silence.

Oh, what a perfect day for the Bowness Monster to go for a swim!

From deep beneath the surface of Windermere, he must have seen Tom Pickles and his companion Sarah Harrington kayaking across the water. Why, they even had a camera-phone on board.

Source: Is this Bownessie? Four-humped beastie spotted in Lake Windermere
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