The image of 'Bownessie' taken on Lake Windermere

The image of 'Bownessie' taken on Lake Windermere

The Lake Windermere monster known as Bow-nessie (Bownessie) has been seen again, less than a wek after being spotted and photographed by a couple kayaking.

In less than a week after being snapped, a mystery lake monster dubbed ‘Bownessie’ has been sighted again.

Holidaymaker Brian Arton described seeing something ‘dark with humps’ sitting 300 yards out on the surface of Lake Windermere.

And he said it exactly matched the picture taken five days earlier by kayaker Tom Pickles.

The 61-yearold and his wife, from Hovingham, North Yorks, had just checked into a hotel by the Cumbrian lake when they saw the strange shape.

Has the recent sightings encouraged more people to keep an out for any strange or unusual objects on the lake? Or is there really something lurking in the depths?

Source: The ‘Bownessie’ monster sighted again in UK

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