Real UFO images?

The Peoples Daily Online posted a series of UFO images yesterday under the alluring title of "Are they real UFO images?". It's difficult to really say if they are real,…Read more →

NASA airbrushed moon images

This story is nothing new, but although NASA and the NSA have strongly denied retouching any of their images, there are still plenty of people who believe! The following movie…Read more →

London Zoo breeds rare Dove

A rare Mexican species of dove that died out in the wild in the 1970s has been successfully bred at London Zoo. The Socorro Dove (Zenaida graysoni) is thought extinct…Read more →

UFO seen over Tel Aviv

Meteorite, Plane or UFO? A strange object was seen in the sky over Tel Aviv last Thursday afternoon (12th Oct 2006). Three flat mates saw a flash of light that…Read more →

Atlantis heads home

The Atlantis crew have said their farewells to the International Space Station (ISS) crew, and started their journey home. The 11-day mission was a success, seeing the six-member crew fitting…Read more →