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Gambi Expedition 2006

[singlepic=30,220,,,right]The CFZ (Centre for Fortean Zoology) have left the UK and arrived safely in Gambia for their 2006 expedition. The six man (4 male and 2 female) team are looking for the dragon-like creature, known by locals as the Ninki-Nanka.

The Ninki-Nanka is said to be a giant reptile, possibly as large as 30 ft (9m) long living in the mangrove swamps and rivers of Gambia. The beast is said to have the body of a crocodile, the neck of a giraffe, the head of horse with three horns, one right in the middle of its head. The reclusive monster spends most of its time submerged in the mud in the sparsely-populated and infrequently visited regions of inland swamps and upriver from the coast.

“I think the Ninki-Nanka is a straggler from further south in Africa. It may well be a species of colossal monitor lizard. Whatever the truth, this will be the first dedicated expedition to search for this animal” says Richard Freeman, zoological director or the CFZ.

This is the forth year-running that the CFZ have put on a major expedition looking for monsters. Last year (2005) Cryptoworld travelled with the CFZ on a joint expedition to Mongolia looking for the Allghoi Khorkhoi (Mongolian Deathworm). A fabled giant poisonous worm or snake that resembles a living cow’s intestine – nice!

In 2003/04, the CFZ visited Sumatra, searching for the Orang-Pendek, a cryptid that is supposedly an unclassified species of primate similar to the orangutan that inhabits remote regions of the island of Sumatra.

Read more about the 2006 Gambia Expedition on the CFZ web-site and on their expedition blog.

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