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Nasty, Pet Camel Kills Owner

An Australian woman has been killed by her pet camel after it tried to have sex with her!
Pet Camel Dangers
Pet Camel Dangers

This sounds very nasty indeed. Apparently an Australian woman has been killed by her pet camel after it tried to have sex with her!

This has to be a Fortean moment if ever I have heard of one. It’s just a shame that it is such an unfortunate story and my feeling are with the woman’s family, friends and loved ones.

Pet related deaths are nothing new and range from the not surprised pet Crocodile, Lion and Snake incidents, to the weird and wonderful pet Cow, Goat and Mouse related fatalities.

I think it is clear that some animals should never be considered pets, you can keep them by all means – but as soon as you start to turn your back on a natural predator, you have to understand you could be its next meal, or dare I say partner!

Pet camel kills Australian woman (BBC)


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  1. While I DO agree that certain animals should never be kept as pets, I was unaware that camels were considered ‘natural predators’. (Not only are they not predatory in nature, they have been domesticated for thousands of years now. In fact, I don’t think I’ve even HEARD about ‘feral’ camels.) This doesn’t mean they can’t be dangerous, in fact they can be downright nasty…our car was, as a matter of fact, chased for a good mile or more by an angry camel in southern Turkey. Still, this does not classify them as predators. They are herbivores.

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