Global Earthquakes: January - April 2014

Animated Map of Global Earthquakes January – April 2014

There's something about time-lapse animation of global events - this shows all Earthquakes from January to April 2014 and even shows the little earthquakes that happened here in the UK during April.

World Wide Earthquakes in 2014 – note the Moderate to Large Earthquakes in April!

Global Earthquakes: January - April 2014

There’s something about time-lapse animations of global events (see Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945), this shows all Earthquakes from January to April 2014 and even shows the little quakes that happened here in the UK during April.

Earthquakes happen every day, and as this animation shows, small ones happen more frequently than once per hour. Moderate-to-large earthquakes are less common, however, perhaps 1-2 per month on a long-term average. Therefore April 2014 was unusual not in the total number of earthquakes that occurred but in how many moderate and large ones happened, and PTWC had to issue official message products for 13 different earthquakes in that month for earthquakes with magnitudes of 6.5 or higher, easily a record for this institution. Of those 13, PTWC issued tsunami warnings for 5:

  • 1 April, M8.2, northern Chile
  • 3 April, M7.8, northern Chile
  • 12 April, M7.6, Solomon Islands
  • 13 April, M7.7, Solomon Islands
  • 19 April, M7.8, Solomon Islands

This animation shows all earthquakes on earth so far this year in sequence as recorded in the USGS’s NEIC database (available at Note the typical level of activity through March. But starting with the 8.2 magnitude earthquake in northern Chile on April 1, the rest of the month saw 12 more moderate-to-large earthquakes mostly in Chile and the Solomon Islands but also in Nicaragua, Mexico, Canada, and even the south Atlantic Ocean. The animation concludes with a summary map showing all of the earthquakes in this four-month period.

Source: Global Earthquake Animation: January – April 2014


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