This is a sizeable nugget, but Mick Brown is keeping the exact location of the find a secret – quiet rightly so!

The solid gold nugget found with a metal detector weighs 87-ounces (2.5 kilos) and is estimated to be worth at least £100,000 (A$135,00).

The gold nugget was discovered with the use of a metal detector

A miner struck some serious gold after finding a sizeable nugget worth at least £100,000 (A$135,000) in Australia.

Mick Brown, found the 87-ounce (2.5 kilogram) solid chunk of gold several weeks ago while roaming with his metal detector in an unspecified area of Sydney suburb Wedderburn.

The lucky digger has not told anyone where he exactly found the nugget, which he calls the “fair dinkum nugget” due to people’s reactions when they see it.

Source: The independent

Written by CW Staff

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