Australia announces planes to save Great Barrier Reef

Australia has released a 35 year plan to protect and save the Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef (c) Dai Fujihara

Great Barrier Reef (c) Dai Fujihara

The reef off the Queensland coast is one of Australasia biggest tourist attractions, and the long-term plan aims to stop all dredging and setting targets to improve water quality.

Great Barrier Reef (c) Eulinky

Great Barrier Reef (c) Eulinky

Australia released its long-term blueprint to save the Great Barrier Reef Saturday, with Prime Minister Tony Abbott saying protecting the World Heritage site was a priority.

The 35-year plan for the major tourist attraction off the Queensland coast includes a complete and permanent ban on the dumping of capital dredge material in the area and sets targets to improve water quality and marine life populations.

Abbott said the plan would “secure Australia’s majestic Great Barrier Reef as a place of outstanding universal value on the World Heritage List”.

Source: Straits Times


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