This will break your heart, an Will the ex-circus Lion, freed from his cage feels the earth beneath his paws for the first time

Will had been forced to preform in a travelling circus in Brazil for 13 years before being rescued and taken to a sanctuary.


I’m not keen on circuses or zoos for that matter, so it’s great to see how he clearly enjoys feeling the earth under his paws!

Prior to being rescued and taken to the sanctuary, Will had been forced to perform with a traveling circus. For 13 long years, the lion had been confined to a cramped cage and denied any semblance of a normal existence. Within seconds of his release, Will can be seen eagerly running his paws through the soft soil — tragically, a foreign material for a creature who, up until then, had known only cold metal floors.

Written by CW Staff

In the late 80s I started investigating UFOs and crop circles and joined the CCCS (Centre for Crop Circle Studies) and a local group researching strange sightings and reports along the south coast of Dorset (UK). In the early ’90s I started my own research group called SPS (Strange Phenomena Studies), this was renamed in 2004 to Cryptoworld.