Video: Severed Hand Attached to Mans Ankle

This is a bit bonkers! Doctor’s in China managed to save a mans severed hand by first attaching it to his ankle, they then re-attached it to his wrist about a month later.

Man's severed hand attached to his ankle

Doctors in China were able to save a man’s severed hand by attaching it to his ankle before reattaching it to his arm.

When Xiao Wei had his right hand severed by a machine at work, co-workers took him and the hand to local hospital, where doctors said they would be unable to save it. So he was sent to a larger hospital, where doctors decided to attach it to his ankle to prevent it from dying.

The hand was on the ankle for 30 days before doctors were able to successfully attach it to his arm. He is expected to gain full use of it.

Source: Man’s severed hand attached to his ankle

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