Weird lights and objects have been seen and videoed across the UK over the last week. What are they, UFOs, secret black project plans or just a trick of the eye?

This bizarre video footage appears to have captured an unidentified object speeding through the region’s skies at night. George Hunter spotted unusual lights darting across the night sky near his home in Rainford. He was baffled by the object but is convinced it was NOT a commercial aircraft.

Police were called in to check out reports of a UFO hovering over Pendle Hill last weekend.

A police spokesman said: “We received a call from a man in Clitheroe at 8-32pm on Saturday night saying he had been watching two UFOs hovering about 3,000ft up at Pendle Hill.”

The local reports came just 24 hours after a man caught this video footage of an unidentified object speeding through the skies of North West England at night.

Source: Clitheroe Advertiser

Written by CW Staff

In the late 80s I started investigating UFOs and crop circles and joined the CCCS (Centre for Crop Circle Studies) and a local group researching strange sightings and reports along the south coast of Dorset (UK). In the early ’90s I started my own research group called SPS (Strange Phenomena Studies), this was renamed in 2004 to Cryptoworld.