Torquay couple spot Mysterious lights

Colin Headworth and his wife watched with amazement, as five red glowing lights moved erratically in the night sky over Brixham harbour.

They first spotted three lights around 1.45am on August the 13th. They had a soft amber glow, similar to the colour of a flare, but the wind was in the wrong direction, so they thought it must have been helicopters or aircraft.

Then the lights started to move erratically, and two appeared to move very close together before moving off into the clouds at a 45 degree angle.

Later when two more lights appeared, Mr Headworth decided to call the coastguard to find out if there had been any rescues or naval exercises that evening – but there had been none.

Mr Headworth said it couldn’t have been fireworks as the lights moved too erratically and lasted a long time.

So were the lights UFOs?

Interestingly, Roy Dutton (UFO expert) said two guests staying with him last weekend had also seen five mysterious lights rising up from the hills above Marldon and heading towards the sea around 2am.

Source, This is South Devon [link]


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