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Torquay couple spot Mysterious lights

Colin Headworth and his wife watched with amazement, as five red glowing lights moved erratically in the night sky over Brixham harbour.

They first spotted three lights around 1.45am on August the 13th. They had a soft amber glow, similar to the colour of a flare, but the wind was in the wrong direction, so they thought it must have been helicopters or aircraft.

Then the lights started to move erratically, and two appeared to move very close together before moving off into the clouds at a 45 degree angle.

Later when two more lights appeared, Mr Headworth decided to call the coastguard to find out if there had been any rescues or naval exercises that evening – but there had been none.

Mr Headworth said it couldn’t have been fireworks as the lights moved too erratically and lasted a long time.

So were the lights UFOs?

Interestingly, Roy Dutton (UFO expert) said two guests staying with him last weekend had also seen five mysterious lights rising up from the hills above Marldon and heading towards the sea around 2am.

Source, This is South Devon [link]


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  1. hey i live in torquay and remember seeing the same coloures objects during the same night as the above story, i tried to get some witnesess but know body came to see know body has ever belived me but now i read this artical i know i too saw them but i too have seen other things in the sky not onlky in devon but also in the midlands

  2. I find it hard to believe in UFOs but I saw exactly the same lights as Phil and the couple from Torquay in Brixham too! I was at home, I let the dog out into the back garden and it looked like they were over in the churston area on Saturday September 26th 2009 about 10.35pm. They hovered in the air moving very slowly along then just dissapeared. it was so strange. I have spoke to a couple of collegues at work and they have also seen them! I’ve no idea what they were but I couldnt take my eyes off them. The whole thing lasted about 5 mins. My husband thinks I’ve gone mad!

  3. saw lights tooo.
    they are big lanterns that pranksters put out at night.
    dont be fooled they do move fast because they got motors on them.
    my day had telescope and he saw the flame(candle)in the middle
    go on ebay and type in ufo lanterns and u will c
    hope this helped u get over tht sudden rush of excitment that u thought ud discovered ufos and that u wnt be rich 🙁
    sozzy xxxxxxxxxx

  4. I cant comment on the brixham sightings, however i did witness something back in the 80’s. at the top end of barton the back road to newton abbot, it was very real and it still bothers me today, this is not a prank. i was 13( aprox) i was in the car with my sister and my mother was driving we were coming back from combingteignhead village. just before we arrived at barton (Torquay) we all notice very bright amber lights shining through bushes/hedges. we thought nothing of it. But right then the car engine went very noisey but there was no power we were slowly drifting past these lights, there was also a very strange feeling in the car. I dont know what that feeling was, theres no words for it. when the car drifted far enough away from the lights, the car engine went to normal and we drove away. Has anybody ever witness this before or since? after all these years just gotta know.

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