Researchers clam The Ark of the Covenant is an Ancient Electrical Power Generator, and probably part of a much larger machine!

[inspic=5,right,,thumb]Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones blockbuster Raiders of the Lost Ark brought the Ark of the Covenant to a mass audience, this ancient mystery was only known through the cryptic old pages of the Old Testament in the Bible. Here, the Ark is described as containing the awesome destructive powers of a jealous and vengeful God – but what was the real source of the Ark’s lethal powers, and how was it harnessed by Moses and his priests?

An article by Michael Blackburn and Mark Bennett reveal they used the bible itself as a research source to cleverly decode the design of the Ark of the Covenant, revealing that it was an ancient form of the modern electrical device called a capacitor, capable of storing vast amounts of potentially deadly electricity. This technology has been a staple of modern science since the 18th century, but the author’s analysis and explanation of this extraordinary piece of apparatus shows that knowledge of electricity was being used 3,000 years ago to create a ‘shock and awe’ style demonstration of the power of God!

[inspic=6,right,fullscreen,thumb]”Re-engineering the Ark” is the first serious documentation upon the subject and explains just how it really is possible to catch the power of God in a jar, and demonstrates how we might be able to rebuild the Ark today. The article also looks at the implications of the concept of the Ark in relation to religion and mankind’s own evolution as a species.

Articles Key Points:

  • The Ark of the Covenant was made by man for a specific purpose
  • It is part of a much, much larger machine
  • It is part of a much, much larger machine
  • It did not contain the power of God but naturally occurring electricity – It is possible to re-build the Ark using Old Testament information
  • technology of the Ark is now a staple of modern electronics
  • Implications of findings are more controversial than the Da Vinci Code

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Written by CW Staff

In the late 80s I started investigating UFOs and crop circles and joined the CCCS (Centre for Crop Circle Studies) and a local group researching strange sightings and reports along the south coast of Dorset (UK). In the early ’90s I started my own research group called SPS (Strange Phenomena Studies), this was renamed in 2004 to Cryptoworld.