Supervolcano forming near New Zealand?

Powerful word: Supervolcano forming near New Zealand will have the power to destroy world!

New Zealand Supervolcano!

A “supervolcano” forming deep below the Earth’s crust north of New Zealand, will have the power to destroy the world, but scientists are urging people not to worry – it could be 100 million years away.

University of Utah seismologist Michael Thorne has been studying seismic waves beating through the Earth’s crust, and says the ingredients are there for a “cataclysmic” eruption.

The study has found that deep beneath the Pacific Ocean, near Samoa, two or more continent-sized piles of rock were colliding as they moved at the bottom of Earth’s thick mantle and atop the thicker core.

Source: ‘Supervolcano’ forming near New Zealand

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