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Strange Creature spotted near Falmouth

A woman has spotted a strange creature roaming the coastal path between Maenporth and Swanpool, near Falmouth, England.

Falmouth Beast
The creature that Sam Bradbury says she spotted between Maenporth and Swanpool.

It was between 4pm and 5pm when Sam Bradbury left work and decided to go for a walk along the coastal path.

Halfway around he spotted something moving in the bushes, but was unprepared for what he says she saw.

He said: “I assumed it was a bird or maybe a dog being walked that was rustling the bushes. I stopped as I got nearer, when I realised it was neither.

“It was a little bigger than a dog and had the face of a cat with eyes that were glazed over and luminescent like a lion’s at night. It left when it saw me but appeared to only walk on two hind legs much like a kangaroo would and had behind it a bushy tail like a fox.”

Walking straight home after his “encounter,” Sam immediately drew a picture of the creature so he could remember every detail, in the hope that somebody else may have seen something similar.

Dorset Raccoon
Raccoon stuck up tree in Dorset, UK

The creature sounds a little bit like a large cat, but the walking on it hind legs probably rules that out, although my parents cat will stand on its back legs to beg for food!

So my thoughts are that it’s an escaped pet – possible a Raccoon? Raccoons are nothing new here in the UK, in fact one was rescued from a tree in a garden in Dorset recently see – Raccoon rescued from town garden.

More stories and sighting of Raccoons have cropped up over recent years, and even a South American Coati was found in a wood in 2004 (see links below). So what’s your thoughts? Have you seen the Falmouth Beast? Not to be confused with the Owlman of Mawnan!

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Source: The Falmouth Packet – Falmouth “creature” spotted – have you seen it?
Quoted text reprinted with permission © Emma Goodfellow


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  1. I’ve heard of cats with genetic abnormalities that cause their front legs to be significantly shorter than their rear legs, who get around by hopping like rabbits. Cats commonly fluff their tails when frightened or startled. That might be what the gentleman saw.


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