100ft-long ‘snake’ Photographed in Borneo


Nabau cruising along the Baleh River in Kapit?

This is great, probably just a retouched photo, but it was allegedly taken by a member of a disaster team monitoring flood regions by helicopter. It is said to be Nabau, a giant snake the size of a drum and more than 100 feet in length!

The photo claims to shows Nabau cruising along the Baleh River in Kapit. Local villages who live along the river are convinced the creature exists, and they say the recent photos show it freely moves around.

People who have studied the photograph have dismissed suggestions that it’s a log. Others have suggested it’s a speedboat, but this to has been dismissed because of the twisting wake.

The most common accusation is that the photo has simply been manipulated on a computer.

The photo comes at an interesting time for giant ‘monster’ snakes, as earlier this month fossilised remains of  Titanoboa, the world’s largest snake were announced.

Real or Fake? A lot of people think it is real, locals genuinely believe it exists and I’m sure this will spark renewed interest in searching for it over the coming year. I for one am tempted to have a look for it!

Source: Daily Mail, Picture of 100ft-long ‘snake’ sparks fears of mythical monster in Borneo


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