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Sony’s “Capture the Truth” Nessie, Bigfoot and UFO adverts


If you look closely at these “Capture the Truth” adverts for Sony’s new (expensive) camera(s), you will see the telltale signs that you have indeed, captured the truth!

The Nessie ad is obviously based on Surgeon’s Loch Ness Monster photograph – although unlike Surgeon’s model/submarine, Sony has gone for an inflatable alternative.


The bigfoot suit, with zipper detail is obviusly based on the Patterson-Gimlin footage from 1967. Not sure if the α900 has a video function, but it probably would have answered a lot of questions and problems proved to have been a hoax – maybe?


Whether it’s the size of a dinner plate, or as big as a house, there has never been any decent photos of UFOs. The arial(?) kind of says it all – if only we could “Capture the Truth”.

Sony’s play on myths and ledgends are great, and I’ve heard there are similar video adverts for their new Digital Video Cameras.

Source: 10e.org


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