What a perfect way to start the weekend! A new study suggests beer could be good for the brain, and the Britain’s favourite biscuit is…!


The study found Xanthohumol, a compound in the hops used to flavour beer, is able to protect the brain from degenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
Xanthohumol or Xn, which is known to have strong antioxidant properties, was found to protect brain cells from oxidative damage, which is associated with forms of dementia.
Jianguo Fang and his team at Lanzhou University took brain cells from a rat and stress-tested them with Xn in a series of experiments.
And they found the Xn reduced the level of oxidative stress on the cells, a process linked to degenerative diseases.


When it comes to picking your favourite biscuit it seems you, the people of Britain, are clear.
It’s the chocolate hobnob – beating the lesser-favoured chocolate digestive by a landslide.
More than 18% of people chose the food as their favourite in an online poll, compared to just 12% for its humbler chocolate cousin.
In third place was the bourbon on 10%, followed by shortbread on 9%.

Source: Drinking beer could help keep your brain healthy, says science and King of the tin: Britain’s favourite biscuit revealed – but is it the same as yours?

Written by CW Staff

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