Giant Guinea Pig had bite like a Tiger!

A true monster, closely related to modern day pet guinea pig — imagine keeping one of these in your back garden!

The giant guinea pig, the size of a buffalo and thought to have weighed around metric tonne, roamed the planet around 3 million years ago. Scientist using computer simulated methods believe the monster guinea pig had a bite similar to modern day tigers.


A “guinea pig” the size of a buffalo that lived three million years ago had a bite as strong as a tiger’s, scientists have learned.
Experts believe it may have used its giant rodent teeth in the same way an elephant uses its tusks, to dig for food and defend itself.
Josephoartigasia monesi, which is closely related to modern guinea pigs, is thought to have weighed a metric tonne.
Scientists used computer simulation methods to estimate how powerful a bite it had.
They came up with a force of around 1,400 Newtons – about the same as that of a tiger’s clamping jaws.


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