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Mysterious cylindrical object spotted the Black Country (UK)

Mysterious cylindrical object
Mysterious cylindrical object

A mysterious cylindrical object has been spotted in the skies above the Black Country.

Retired teacher Mike Tunnicliffe was left scratching his head after seeing the UFO from his Walsall garden yesterday afternoon (28th June 2009).

Mr Tunnicliffe, who works part time at County Bridge Primary School, ran to get his camera and snapped the strange shaped object.

The 63-year-old of Sutton Road said: “It was a long shiny black cylinder shape, pointed at one end like a pencil.

“From where I was standing it was around 30ft long and around 400ft off the ground. It was vertical, pointing at the ground.

“It came so quickly then within five minutes it was gone again.

“I live close to the arboretum where there have been balloon festivals before, but I am sure it wasn’t a hot air balloon.

“Nor was it a tethered balloon or blimp. I am at a loss at to what it could possibly be.”

Mr Tunnicliffe said he saw the shape at 2.45pm yesterday. It appeared over the Mellish Road area, over Calderfields golf course then towards Lichfield Road.

Source: Express and Star


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