More UK Black Cat sights

More black cat sighting, this time at Haltwhistle and Hexam.

So is the infamous Tynedale black cat back?

Black cat is back
Published on 15/09/2006

TYNEDALE’S infamous black cat has been spotted again – this time in Haltwhistle.

A dog walker saw the panther-like big cat in land at the end of Park Road. It came out of a field, crossed the road in front of her and disappeared into some bushes.

Source, Hexham Courant [link]

Black cat sighting
Published on 22/09/2006

THERE has been another sighting of Tynedale’s mysterious black cat.

Hexham woman Deborah Theobald was driving past Langley Dam in the dark when the creature came within view of her headlights.

“It was about the size of a badger,” she said, “but it was very feline in its movements.”

Source, Hexham Courant [link]

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