Montauk Monster found in Panama

Montauk Monster found in Panama

Another hairless creature has been found, this time near Panama City.

The creature, dumbed a Montauk Monster look-a-like was allegedly spotted by teenagers crawling out of a cave near the town of Cerro Azul, north of Panama City.

Fearing for their safety as the beast moved towards them, they attacked the creature with sticks before throwing it into a pool of water.

They later returned to take pictures of the hairless, rubbery body, which were then posted on the website of the Central American Telemetro Television station.

The story and photos have now been reported on almost every Cryptozoology website with varying theories and explanations – hairless sloth seems to be one theory?

I’m a bit sceptical and suspect we will continue to see more and more of these weird things.

What do you think – real or fake?


CW Staff
CW Staff

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  1. what the F*** is THAT??

    well, fake or not, i’ll DEFINITELY want to know what’s going on with this case!! hopefully if there’s any more news on it, you’ll post updates…

  2. Why did they kill it?!? If it is something that is “new” I believe it should be left alive for study in it’s natural habitat. Besides, It is probably an animal that we all know of… Maybe it has mange or a deformity/birth defect… I feel bad for it…. Wish these “kids” (16 and 15 years old) would have thought about the value of a life no matter how odd it looked.

  3. The long claw on the one visible front foot is definitely sloth like, as is the shape of the head. No signs of trauma that would occur had this creature been actually beaten to death with sticks lead me to believe the children are lying about that part of the story.

  4. I undestand being terrified at seeing something that you’ve neevr seen before comes towards you, but didn’t these teens think of running as fast as they could in the oppisite direction?! It’s sad to think most people’s first reaction to the unknown is “kill it!”.

    I agree with the other replies, it was most likely something harmless that had just lost it’s hair for whatever reason.

  5. I don’t think it i just a sloth. It would look a little different from hat. Also how would he sloth loss it’s hair and then look like that after just being beaten and left in water for an hour or two. Plus i don’t think they would have came back without help, just incase in some how survived.

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