Katie Price and Peter Andre ‘Allegedly’ spot UFO (great!)

Which one is the Alien?

Which one is the Alien?

Just when the whole idea of UFOs was starting to get a little bit of creditable attention, two muppets go and claim that on their very first trip to Area 51 they see, and video ‘weird lights’…

I’m sorry, but this just doesn’t help and is obviously just a cleverly planed publicity stunt. After all, they have just arrived back in the UK from Los Angeles where they have been living for three months – and the reason they are back? To promote their new show which followed them around!

“You just wait ’til you see it. We went to Area 51 and saw these really weird lights,” Price told Sky News Online.

Her husband, Australian singer Peter Andre, agreed: “What we saw was freaky whether you believe us or not. It was the most eerie thing ever.”

Apparently they are also good friends with Alien obsessed Robbie Williams – muppets the lot of them, or should that be puppets like Barnes and Lovick!?


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