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Is the Beast of Brookmans Park back?

Are Big Cats loose in the UK?
Are Big Cats loose in the UK?

A CAT the size of an Alsatian was spotted by a dog walker enjoying an evening stroll.

Andrew Hollings was amazed when he saw the massive creature slink out of woodland near Station Road, Welham Green, on Wednesday.

The dad-of-one, of Holloways Lane, said: “It was the size of a Labrador or Alsatian with a long tail.”

The 57-year-old said he had been walking his family’s Yorkshire terrier pup at around 8pm when the cat – possibly the legendary Beast of Brookmans Park – decided to show itself.

“I looked back and I saw this thing move out of the shadows of the woods,” said Andrew, who has seen wild cats while on safari in Kenya.

“At first I thought it was just a dog off a lead. But the more I looked as it came past me the more I saw it was behaving very much like a wild animal.

“I kept very quiet. I wasn’t scared, just fascinated. I thought ‘that’s something unusual!’

Impressive as it is, Andrew’s sighting pales in comparison to some of those revealed this week by organisation Beastwatch UK .

A survey showed that among exotic animals spotted in the UK were 10 crocodiles, three pandas and a penguin!

Source, The Welwyn & Hatfield Times [link].


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