Archaeologists in the Eilat Mountains area of the Negev Desert in Israel have found hundreds of Prehistoric Cult Sites that appear to have been dedicated to death and fertility.

Ancient Cult Sites

Ancient Cult Sites – vulva shapes

The sites, dating back around 8,000 years ago have penis shaped structures and artifacts with vulva shapes cut into them.

Ancient Cult Sites

Ancient Cult Sites – penis structures

Ancient Cult Sites

Ancient Cult Sites

At the sites, which date back around 8,000 years, archaeologists discovered a variety of stone structures and artifacts, including stone circles that measure 1.5 to 2.5 meters across (roughly 5 to 8 feet) with penis-shaped installations pointing toward them

Archaeologists are working to decipher any meaning from the artifacts and structures, noting that both death and fertility seem to be symbolized at the sites.

For instance, in addition to the penis-shaped structures, researchers also found that some of the stones have vulva-shaped holes cut into them.

Source: Live Science

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